Aubrey Brown
Phone: 239-333-8263

Aubrey is an accomplished skater who has competed all the way to the Regional level. She specializes in Freestyle and Choreography. Aubrey has been coaching for two years at the Skatium, and coaches USFSA and ISI skaters. Aubrey helps each skater be the best they can be, with her choices of music, costumes and moves.

Kathy Brown
Phone: 239-292-7390

Kathy has been coaching for over 30 years, and has accomplished the rating of Certified Freestyle and Registered Group, and CER certified through the PSA. She is also a Gold Test Judge for ISI. Her expertise is with Jumps and Spins, as well as Moves in the Field. She enjoys coaching Power Skating and Stroking classes as well. Kathy is well respected for her knowledge and expertise, and has coached skaters from our area all the way to the Regional Level.

Janice Dudley
Phone: 941-468-4127 or 941-496-9605

Janice is a great asset to our rink, as she is accomplished in both Ice and Roller Skating, She has been rated through the PSA as Registered Freestyle, Certified Group, and is a Silver Test Judge through ISI. She has spent 20 years coaching Roller Skaters and 15 years coaching Figure Skaters. Janice has performed with Roller Magic and Rock ‘n Rollers, which toured Brazil and Guatemala in 1979 & 1980. She was a featured performer as well as in the chorus line. Janice also skated in Scott Hamilton’s Upside Down show, which aired on CBS in 1996. She has also skated in the Pan American Games Opening Ceremonies in Indianapolis in 1987. She is a member of PSA, ISI and USFSA, and loves working with children.

Rosann Heisler
Phone: 239-839-0044 cell

Rosann is a highly accomplished Ice Dancer and Freestyle Skater. She is a USFSA Double Gold Medalist, and has coached skaters to the Jr. National, Sectional and Regional levels. She has been coaching freestyle, moves and ice dance for over 16 years, and has earned her Basic Accreditation through PSA and is an ISI Gold Test Judge, and is CER certified with the PSA. In addition to her on-ice training, Rosann’s off ice training and choreography are enhanced by her extensive training in ballroom dance and ballet. She has won numerous championships in American Ballroom and Latin Dance and is a current World Dance Council Pro-Am Champion. She is available to teach all ages and ability levels from Beginner to Senior level.

Lisa Headen
Phone: 410-409-7545

Lisa is originally from Columbia Maryland, and has been a staff coach, here at the Skatium for over four years. Lisa was a member of the Miami University Synchronized Skating Team, and helped her team win three National Titles and one Silver Title over four years. Not only is Lisa experienced in Synchronized Skating, but freestyle, footwork, choreography, as well as hockey. Off the ice, Lisa is a middle schoolteacher, and an adjunct professor at FGCU .She is rated a Silver test judge through ISI. She coaches skaters in both ISI and USFSA programs.

Rimma Orlova
Phone: 239-464-1430

Rimma has been a highly respected coach for over 28 years, as well as an International Judge of Figure Skating for Uzbekistan. In 1986 she graduated from the Tashkent State Institute of Physical Training and Sports, and specializes is Figure Skating and Sports Training. She is CER certified. As a coach she enhances her students ability, skills, techniques and style. Rimma coaches both ISI and USFSA skaters.

Frederic Palluel Frederic Palluel
Phone: 941- 780-5100

Frederic has 18 years of experience teaching Ice Dancing, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography, Footwork and Stroking. He is a 3 time French National Champion, has competed multiple years at Europeans and World Championships as well as the Olympic Games. His 98% success ratio of students passing both USFSA and ISI test demonstrates his experience, knowledge and professionalism in the field. He has had numerous competitor’s winning Regional and National championships. He is master rated in Ice Dancing, and has a Bachelor degree in sports Psychology and Physiology. He is proud member of the following prestigious National Skating Organizations: ISI, USFSA. PSA, FFSG

Tetyana Bogdamova-Wieberg
Phone: 239-699-1764

Tetyana comes to us from the Ukraine, where she was an accomplished skater earning various medals internationally. She was on the Ukrainian National Team, where she trained along side competitors such as Oxana Baiul. She performed with The Boeblin Ice Show, and later joined the cast of Disney On Ice. Power Skating, Moves in the Field and Freestyle are her specialty, and she has enjoyed all aspects of coaching for the past 7 years. She is CER certified, and a proud member of PSA, USFSA and ISI. Tetyana encourages structure and hard work to bring out the inner champion in each skater.


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